Getting into a healthy mindset

Getting into a healthy mindset

This dress makes me look fat! Why is my skin looking dull? Another pimple pops up, right when I have to go out. I should stop eating carbs or maybe skip a meal. Even water makes me bloat! As women, it’s totally normal to have these thoughts, making us stress out in more ways than necessary. When it comes to our own bodies, a lot of us suffer from body image issues. Learning to embrace our body as it is and striving to be healthy is…. Easier said than done, right? Today, we dive into the depths of being mindful and healthy together, because here at the Boss Mama Mindset community, we are all about embracing life’s imperfections because in between the struggles there is always goodness. This is the power of focusing your attention and daily habits into healthier ones, slowly moving to be better versions of ourselves! Let’s dive in…

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Body that meets the eye

Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and all you can do is find faults in the way you look? This is the simplest way to define body image issues. Your pretty eyes can only see the dullness of your skin or the weight you’ve put on even though you starve yourself. These issues are not always self-inflicted. Our family, friends, social media and the society in general can unknowingly make us believe things could be wrong with us. A casual remark from someone can wreak havoc in a person’s life.

A new mother, with tons of worries, juggling her health and her baby is casually told that her hair is a mess or she should start losing weight. The impact of these seemingly insignificant words could be seen as too much. The perception of your own body plays a crucial role in your physical and mental health. Let’s briefly see the impact of negative body image on your health.

The aftermath of negativity

The stress caused by perceiving yourself negatively and actively trying to change the way you look can be detrimental for your health. Negative body image can lead to eating disorders, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, pathological dieting that harms your overall health to name a few.

Overcoming with mindset work

Now that we know what the aftereffects are, it’s time we curb the negativity. Let me tell you a real-life transformation to make you believe it’s possible. The story of Miranda Casiano. Like most teenage girls, Miranda had a preconceived notion of a beauty standard set by the American culture. By the time she was in high school, she was on the crash diet bandwagon. Trying every possible diet to lose weight and gaining it back when she stopped. During the college years her mindset started to shift towards healthy eating and she started seeing the positive changes. A horrific accident wrecked her knees and put her on bedrest, yet she continued to lose weight and recovered by fueling her body with the right nutrition! After being committed to a healthy lifestyle for a few years and overcoming the obstacles of negativity, she now aims to become a registered dietician! Inspired by her journey? Read her inspirational book here!

Simple ways to be your best self

All geared up to be your healthiest version of yourself? Here are a few simple steps towards taking care of you! MIND, BODY and SOUL!

  • Accept yourself! You are beautiful just the way you are.
  • Eating does not equate to weight gain. Be mindful of what you put in your body.
  • Strive for a healthy and sustainable routine.
  • Start tracking your habits #bulletjournal #dailyjournalchallenge
  • Keep your mind, clutter-free!
  • Exercise for the body and the brain, make the endorphins (happy hormones) your best friend
  • Yoga and meditation are a boon to humanity, embrace them!
  • Journal your way out through the chaos. Find the cutest journal here.

Keeping track of your daily routine, journaling and maintaining a habit tracker are the easiest ways to begin your journey to improving your mindset. We are so committed to helping you achieve balance and health, we made a set of bullet journal FREE PLANNERS with water trackers which we will send you when you subscribe to our blog! 


Battling negative body image issues is crucial. But we have got you covered. Do give the book a read to start your journey towards acceptance. Let us all reach a place where we are content with ourselves- TOGETHER!


Would you like a series on being mindful and sustaining a healthy lifestyle? Do let us know in the comments section.

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Inspirational Quotes to Improve Your Boss Mama Mindset

Inspirational Quotes to Improve Your Boss Mama Mindset

Written by Maria Phieros and Anushka Dharmadhikari


Motivating quotes lift up your spirits with a wave of positivity🌈! Inspiring words can help you reach your potential as a business woman or mumpreneur. Be it in your daily routine, your career, with family or in your personal life, the right mindset is important and the right words can help you step out of a rut or help put you back on the right track if you haven’t been feeling it lately.  So, in true #BossMamaMindset style, we are here with today’s dose of inspiration for you! Yes, we’re talking about quotes to keep you motivated and help you start every day with a positive mindset. Let’s get our positive mindset on!

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Every day is a blessing

Make a new start every day, with new resolution, with enthusiasm, love, prayer and silence” – Saint Porphyrios. Every new day that you wake up to, is a blessing! We face our fair share of anxiety every single day. We are bombarded with issues that overwhelm us. That said, each day comes with a ray of sunshine🌞 and new hope🙏. As the quote rightly asserts, every day is a new beginning. Fill your mind with positivity and start FRESH every single day. Let go of the anxiety of yesterday and the unknown of tomorrow. Stay strong and healthy with a positive mindset! A great way to start off your day on a bright note is with gratitude journaling and mapping out your objectives for the day! Cheers to #newbeginnings EVERY DAY! Get your Boss Mama Mindset Bullet Journal here.

Diving into positivity

The next quote is one by John Wooden who said “Good things take time” . It reminds us that it takes time to build an empire. Try not to beat yourself up if you don’t get all of your to-do’s done in one day. It’s important to differentiate between things that are in your control, and circumstances totally beyond your control. This quote, reminds us that sometimes, things take time. Just think, a baby takes 9 months to come into this world, so this is the perfect example of good things taking time. Enjoy the ride, Boss Mama. It’s a marathon not a sprint! 

It always seems impossible until it’s done

Golden words by our Madiba. This one is extra special because it breaks all boundaries of doubt! Always believe in yourself, as you fight past the fear of the unknown or the impossible! You break the shackles of a negative mindset and allow yourself to believe, which is one of the strongest mindsets to be in. Whenever you may doubt yourself, remember Nelson Mandela’s wise words, “It always seems impossible, until it’s done”.

It is not the challenges that you encounter

This quote by Darlene Brock: “It’s not the challenges that you encounter. It’s what you do when you get there that determines whether you have grit or grace in your life”. So poetic it needs no explanation.

One day you will tell your story

The next powerfully inspiring quote is: “One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide” Brene Brown. Isn’t that just the wave of strength we all need? Your pain and struggle can one day help someone to overcome their own battles. 

Laws of attraction in mindset

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” Buddha sums up the laws of attraction and reminds us of the power of manifestation. What you choose to focus on is what will manifest in your life. Focus on the positive and be grateful! Pray. Meditate. Start a gratitude journal. It’s a powerful mindset technique to help you channel your gratitude every day. BONUS: If you subscribe to our blog, you will automatically get access to our Free Boss mama Mindset Bullet Journal Templates (available digitally)!

Life is the ultimate teacher

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” Pema Chodron. Life is a test and we tend to get to know the syllabus after we’ve received the lessons. Funny, right? But the lessons you learn have a lasting impact. Your struggles teach you to be strong, kind and compassionate. Embrace your struggles, let each moment in your life teach you valuable lessons.

Family and Love 

We end with one of the humblest souls ever to grace the earth, Mother Terasa who once said, “What can you do to change the world? Go home and love your family.” When you’ve had a hard day, and you need some reassurance, go home and love your family because this is the strongest way to reignite the soul.


We hope that this article helps you to stay motivated with a healthy mindset for allowing things to take their course, and not pressurizing yourself to breaking point, as many of us do!

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Comment below! Let us know which are your favourite quotes that help you keep a healthy and positive mindset. 

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Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack for Expecting Mums

Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack for Expecting Mums

You’re expecting! Your little baby bump has been getting bigger, friends and family have been constantly asking you “Have you packed your hospital bag!? Are you ready!?” and you’ve been avoiding it but now it’s time to start packing, you just don’t know what you will need or not?? You’ve got every second person giving you their view and you know you’re running on maximum pregnancy hormones by your third trimester, the mommy brain is expected and even though you are ready to start preparing your hospital bag, you are not quite sure what you’re really going to need or not! I remember the panic I had … months of build up till the big date. I googled and checked online on Pinterest and saved articles; I followed many mommy blogs and Facebook groups, watching vloggers (video bloggers) of #mommys and #bossmamas and I know how useful this particular post topic was for me, so I thought I’d do the same for all the lovely pregnant or expecting #BossMamas, this one’s for you 💓

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 Mama’s List

  • Weekend bag
  • Loose pyjamas
  • Comfy day clothes
  • Leggings
  • Gown / robe
  • Slippers / flip flops
  • Comfy, non-slip socks
  • Going home clothes 
  • Nursing tank tops
  • Nursing bras
  • Nipple cream!
  • Nursing pillow
  • Large comfortable dark underwear
  • Maternity pads
  • Toiletries
  • Wash cloth / sponge
  • Shower gel
  • Cotton pads
  • Hair ties
  • Toothbrush
  • Tooth paste
  • Face cream
  • Foundation
  • Brush
  • Deodorant
  • Face wipes
  • Bottled water
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Extra pillows

Baba’s List

  • Nappies (estimate 8-10 diapers per day for a newborn)
  • Onesies / sleepers / rompers (same, expect multiple changes in a day)
  • Beanies
  • Mittens
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Warm clothes for baby 
  • Account for your baby being born small, or big. So take size 0 or one-two sizes up in case you have a small or big baby, you will be prepared. 

Newborns need to be kept warm, so consider warm clothing, for example, underneath your baby’s onesie, you might layer a vest. Having your baby in layers is just normal and not considered too much. If you see your baby sweating obviously that’s too much. From personal experience, I am based in a tropical climate, Réunion island and my baby was born in peak summer, and even she needed to be kept in double layered combos in the hospital and newborn phase, simply because newborns can’t regulate their own temperature, remember they have been in your belly for 9 months so they will need those extra layers to keep worm. 

Sometimes you will cover your newborn from top to toe, literally: from a beanie to keep their little heads warm, to mittens for keeping them from scratching themselves, and of course you should make sure your newborn’s feet are covered.

Birthing Partner’s List

  • Weekend bag
  • Comfy clothes
  • Change of clothes
  • Toothbrush
  • Hoody / tracksuit top
  • Comfy shoes / flip flops
  • Pillow
  • Masks 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mints


Other Essentials

  • Phone charger 
  • Extra battery
  • Extra charger
  • Contact lenses / reading glasses
  • Masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Driver’s license
  • Administrative documents
  • Identity / passport
  • Cash for vending machine/parking
  • Snacks
  • Towels
  • Small Blanket

I remember the nurse saying, you don’t need to have your own pilates ball, the hospital has all the birthing equipment you need 😂 then I knew I had overpacked, LOL! So, to help you avoid that, I created a PRINTABLE CHECKLIST available HERE.

I hope this blog post has helped you make sense of what you’re in for mama and I hope that the free printable checklist helps you! 🌺 Let it be your essential guide to help you rationalize your packing decisions. One last work of reassurance, this little moment in your preggy-life is completely do-able! You got this #BossMama! The time just goes by so quick. Before you know it, you’ll be back home enjoying your little bundle of joy, laughing with friends as you retell birthing stories…

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6 Easy ways to improve you PeoplePerHour freelancer profile

6 Easy ways to improve you PeoplePerHour freelancer profile

Are you just starting out your stint as a freelancer on People Per Hour? Are you confused about how to start writing your bio? ✍️ As someone who tested the waters, I was in the same position. I started my PeoplePerHour journey not too long ago and did get some pretty positive results. I have had many people ask me, how does it work? What did I do to get my first client 🤩and was it difficult!? After some experimenting, many hours of work and my moral code, I consider it my responsibility to empower you, a fellow #BossMama with the strategies I have discovered along this journey.
Are you still wondering how to create a profile on PeoplePerHour? You can read my post on how to create your profile here! Now that you have decided to take the plunge, let’s go into the details of how you can improve your PeoplePerHour profile.


#1 Take time to write your profile bio 

Your PeoplePerHour (PPH) profile is the first interaction with your potential buyers. Your bio, cover image and profile picture are your ace cards. When you nail these three, you have won half the race! Let’s talk about writing a captivating and intelligent bio.
You can think of your PPH bio as an online CV. This is the place to showcase your amazing skills set, your experience and what makes you the most suitable person for the job! That’s enough sweet talk, let’s get into what you can do:

  • Look at the profile descriptions of other successful freelancers! Analyze their strengths. Study how they have created their offers, the way their portfolio is organized, evaluate their writing style, tone of voice, what keywords they are using.
  • Now check out those beautiful cover pictures and don’t forget the cover images of your offers. Notice which ones are more eye-catching and more visually impactful. To give you some reference and hopefully some inspiration 🌺✨ go check out my cover image. I’ve included some small keywords in order to summarize who I am and what my key services are.
  • Speak human. It’s easy to get lost in technical and very professional lingo but remember not everybody understands some technical terms, so try to keep this in mind. It could end up being a major no-no if your buyer is not familiar with your phrasing and ends up being confused. One of the safest ways to ensure you tailor your bio to attract buyers from various niches, is to keep it a mix of professional and casual. It should portray you as human as possible, appeal to your audience, while displaying your best skills.
  • SEO plays a huge role! Using the right keywords will make your profile more visible and easily searchable.

PRO TIP: At a first glance only the first three lines of your bio are visible to the buyer. Make sure to put your best in these lines to grab your buyer’s attention. 

#2 Add your experience and expertise 

Years of experience, a revered professional in the industry and skills UpToDate as per the market demands! How does that sound like you? Well, case in point. Switching to an online platform where the buyers are not familiar with your expertise can be difficult initially. It’s just like starting out all over again. But the lag phase here is small. Once, the buyers recognize the quality of your work, then the sky’s the limit! To start landing work, it is essential that you present your experience and expertise clearly! Be precise and to-the-point.  Add relevant skills. Spruce up your profile with your best work. Take your time to only choose the best examples to present to your future buyers! Always come back to your profile once in a while to make sure it’s updated and daisy fresh! 

This is the landing page of my profile, notice the cover image, and the first 3 lines of your bio which are immediately visible
Naturally, one of the first things a buyer will do, is to click on your portfolio examples to start browsing.
This is where you would want to use some nice mockups of previous projects you have worked on.

Don’t feel disheartened if you are not a graphic designer! This is also the place you would show your certificates of your qualifications and skills! Did you get your certification from a fancy University or College? Well add your certificate of your degree or diploma here! If your career involves statistics and growth, why not show some screen shots of amazing results which you were instrumental in helping achieve! You can literally do what you want here, but be sure to fill this space with your top, more visually appealing work.

This for example is a showcase of one of my favorite projects worked on, when I worked in South Africa, I was part of the team who launched digital prepaid vouchers in the country and this creative campaign won our company some awards and accolades. Even if it was created a couple years ago, it is a strong piece for me to add in my portfolio.
Then try to include some variety in skills, like this for me “digital illustration” is a huge passion for me, but I don’t get requested to work on illustrations every day as most of my clients need logo, brand and website creation. So I decided to include an example of a sketch I did, to show some variety and showcase skills that buyers might not know I have!
The next section your future buyers will navigate to, is to view your skills.

Try to write your skills which correspond to your profile bio and your images which you have added into your portfolio.

Once you start to land projects, upon completion of each project, you will be asked to review the client and you will receive a review from your clients, as well as a 1-5 star rating (5 stars being the best).

With regards to testimonials and reviews, as intimidating as it can be, you should not feel afraid or overwhelmed about this, instead, try ot focus your energy on doing an honest, great job! If you feel comfortable in your work, and you do a good job, if you communicate well with your client and deliver on whatever you promise, and of course— if you are a good and kind person, your buyer will see your honest, hard work and reward you with a positive review at the end of the project. Each time I work a project, I al working my butt of and I always get so nervous about the review! But in the end I am so excited and happy to receive the positive feedbacks and when I thank the clients after, they all say the same- they say “you earned it!”. So just be yourself and remember that you reap what you sow.

#3 Use up all your free credits

PPH blesses you with 15 free credits per month. Be sure of utilizing these to the fullest! When you are just starting out on your online journey and you don’t want to invest initially, these free credits can be your savior. Use them wisely to apply for jobs. Craft your proposal relevantly to address the requirements of each project. Add a personal touch. Something as simple as addressing the buyer by name and salutations can make way to a great brief. Present yourself in the best possible manner for every proposal you draft. It is always better to avoid using a standard template for all your proposals. Taking time to write to your future buyer to show them that you understand the brief and what is required of you. Propose to them how you will tackle this project! Tell them what you plan on doing, the time you will take to deliver the work… All this info adds to motivating to the future buyer, that you are serious about getting the job.
In case you use up all your free credits, you can always buy more on the PPH website.

#4 Create Irresistible offers

Offers are fixed services that you can offer to your buyer in a stipulated time frame (maximum 5 days delivery). When building your offers, consider the following:

  • Study your competition. Look at the offers they post. While you are at it, make sure to check which of their offers sell the best and also the feedback on them.
  • Strategize whether you want to create an offer in a very particular niche or a broader one.
  • A crisp, clear and an all-encompassing title is an absolute delight to read for the buyer. 
  • An appropriate cover image that captures the essence of your offer.
  • Try to make your offer simple, clear to understand, not too wordy.

PRO TIP: Write your offer and ask someone to proof-read it. If the person interprets your offer correctly in just one round of reading and does not have to go back to it, you have written a killer offer my dear #Bossmama

#5 Set a reasonable price

Your PPH profile is still in a nascent phase. This time can be daunting for you to fix down on your prices. Initially, because you are just starting out, try experiment with which pricing strategy works for you. You have to do careful research on the pricing structure that is currently applicable in your niche. A decent Google search can easily give you a fair idea. This is sometimes a delicate dance between buyer and seller. Buyers look for the highest value and skills for their budget, and sellers aim to set a price which speaks to the services they offer, their skills and level of experience. That’s quite a lot if you think about it! It’s a question of not quoting too high or underbidding for any job. Try to make it your goal, especially in the early stages of your profile building phase, to look for the sweet spot in between. Once your profile booms with projects and reviews, the buyers know you provide excellent quality in your work and will be happy to pay the price you quote for it. 

#6 Keep it fresh

Remember the ketchup bottle that you bought in January last year? Is it still edible?? Well, definitely not! It comes with a shelf life date and so does your PPH profile! It is very good practice to go back to your PPH profile periodically and freshen it up here and there. Maybe you have done a new certification that adds tremendous value to your skills, be sure to update it on your profile. You have great testimonials from your client, put in on display! Work on your offers with what you have learnt from your past jobs, juggle up on your price, maybe add videos to your offers if you are comfortable with it. There are so many ways you can freshen up your profile but the main objective here is to do it regularly. Maybe schedule this for once a week (especially in the beginning phases) as this would be very much your experimental phase where you could be making adjustments to win more clients.


To step out of your comfort zone and to get going is difficult initially, I truly understand as I put many hours into my profile, but these efforts are going to be fruitful in the future. As you have begun your online freelancing journey, I hope this article helps to keep it growing🙂 Have you also just begun your online career? Or you are at the mastery level now? Let me know in the comments section! To all the digital genius #Mumpreneurs out there, do give your inputs and suggestions to help fellow mamas who might just be starting out.

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I’m sure you’re going to conquer the world. After-all, #Bossmama you are motivated by your love for your children and your amazing talents and diversities! Use this and show the world what you are capable of, I believe in you and you should also believe in yourself!

Till next time…

Dream, visualize, create!

With love 💕
Boss Mama Maria