Super excited that you even arrived this far! Thank you for showing interest in our brand, there are many ways in which we could work together.


How can I work with Boss Mama Mindset?

Boss Mama Mindset is always looking for bloggers and content creators to contribute to our blog, great brands to collaborate with, affiliates (we’re open to joining affiliate programs if it’s relevant to our brand) feel free to get in touch.


Product Creators


We are currently in search of product creators! Moms— this is your chance to sell your creations: jewellery, women’s clothing, accessories, masks, baby clothes, baby toys, etc…


We are looking for relevant products to stock our shop!


Categories include:


  • items of productivity (bullet journals, notebooks, planners and stationery)
  • products for moms (clothing, lady’s fashion and accessories)
  • products for babies (newborns, toddlers, baby clothes, toys and accessories)


If you believe that your products could be a great fit for our brand, please email us and be sure to add the words “STOCK THE SHOP” in the subject line!


“I’ve worked with a lot of awesome brands in the past, and I’m always so happy and excited for genuine connections and great collaboration opportunities!” —Boss Mama Maria.

Partner Brands 

Maria’s freelance Graphic and Web Design Creative Studio


As mentioned in this blog, I am a full time, freelance, graphic designer and brand strategist (+14 years of experience). I would be so honoured to help fellow boss mamas create amazing brands! Please visit my business website to request work:



A+M Studio Creative a collaborative venture (copywriting and creative design studio) created by two #mumpreneurs: Aurélie H-m and Maria (aka. TeA+M), we are a French freelancing duo currently based in the paradise island of Réunion.

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